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Experience is the surest foundation for any technical skillset. We bring over 27 years of web-building experience to the projects we engage.

For over 27 years, the Scenic Hues team has partnered with more than a hundred small to medium-sized businesses to make their website endeavors a reality. From start-ups to well-established brick and mortar companies setting out on the Internet as far back as 1995, many companies and organizations have trusted our team to translate their organization’s message, personality and offerings to the web.

Turn-key, completed and functioning websites are our usual final product. Ideally, we seek to also host the sites that we create so that our deployment and ongoing maintenance can be most efficient. Our services offerings, though usually proposed in some combination to realize the finished product, can be broken down into these phased areas, and are sometimes engaged separately within these groupings.

Website Design.

Typically, our client provides text content, photos, and identity materials – logo, established color schemes, other advertising materials from which to draw aesthetic cues, and after a vision-casting conversation or two with us, we do the rest. Once it’s agreed that we’ve captured the right look and feel in a mock-up design, we get to work making it a functioning website.

We will also periodically work with a web design concept provided from the client’s regular graphic artist, providing developmental and maintenance services alone.

Website Development.

When a design is finalized, we’ll code, program, and/or integrate the necessary nuts and bolts to go from the mocked-up design to a live working website. Whether it’s a WordPress Content Management System based site, or a more manually-coded HTML5/CSS Responsive site, development services take your project from concept to reality.

We can also facilitate domain name registration through a third-party registrar.

Website Deployment.

Your completed project needs to be released to the world, making it accessible to visitors and search engine indexing. The deployment offerings include the installation and configuration of your website on our or another hosting plan.

Scenic Hues also offers basic hosting and e-mail services that suit the majority of the projects we engage, but we also work with customers who have third-party hosting already, and those who integrate email with third-party services such as O365/Hosted Exchange.

Website Maintenance.

We provide ongoing website maintenance to our customers on an as-needed, as-requested, hourly basis. We are always on hand to assist those customers who opt for content management sites as well, helping out with even the smallest maintenance issues to periodic reviews of the system software to larger site expansion projects.

We also assist in search engine optimization (SEO) maintenance.

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